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SlideUp - 1.0.0

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4.23/5 (103 votes).

Name given by u/Deni-Khalikov on a reddit contest :)


Xen HTML v2 beta2 or later required


- Meant to be a full home screen replacement. (extra tweaks required)

- Music, weather, search, shortcuts, news and app drawer.

- No need to change the bundle ID from the widget settings to set a shortcut app.

- Set up to 12 shortcuts. (Long press the app icon from app drawer to add it and from shortcuts to remove it)

- Your shortcuts list will be saved even if you remove the widget.

- Custom colors.

- Grid and list app drawer.


Tap bottom arrow to show/hide all buttons.

- Tap each button to show its respective module.

- Apps Drawer

All your apps in one place. (tap the app icon to open it)

Long press app icon (only) to show actions menu. (delete and add app to shortcuts)

Recommended Tweaks

- HideYourApps

- peep (hide statusbar)

- Dockify (hide the dock, otherwise bottom buttons won't work)

Side Notes

- If you exprecience some unresponsive buttons after unlock your device, this is a Xen HTML feature to prevent battery drain and not an issue from the widget.

- Reload Widget option from the widget settings is not a functional toggle, it is a way to trick Xen HTML each time you change your icons theme, so it has to be switched every time you change it to on or off (it doesn't matter) to changes be applied.

If you have any issue or request just hit me on Twitter :)

Refund Policy

Refund available if widget has critical issues that can not be solved.