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LightPhone - 1.0.4

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Want to reduce your phone addiction?

This widget will help giving you access only to the necessary apps :)


- Show/hide elements.

- Custom positions and font size.

Recommended extra tweaks

- MiscSettings (hide statusbar, remove dock background)

- Vesta (hide apps and add an app drawer with a home gesture in case you only want the LightPhone look)


Now you can set your own shorcut app. Just set a name and a Bundle ID.

What is Bundle ID? 

Is an identifier which lets you open an app through XenInfo, you don't know how to get it?

Easy, if you have Vesta installed just go to Hide Apps On Home Screen, the Bundle ID is the one below the app name.

Nevertheless here are some of the popular apps

Clash Royale - com.supercell.scroll

Discord - com.hammerandchisel.discord

Facebook - com.facebook.Facebook

Filza - com.tigisoftware.Filza

Gmail -

Mail -

Reddit - com.reddit.Reddit

Spotify - com.spotify.client

Twitter - com.atebits.Tweetie2

YouTube -

WhatsApp - net.whatsapp.WhatsApp


.... updating...

.... added battery indicator....

.... updated...


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