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Jabra - 1.0.4

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3.81/5 (249 votes).

Xen HTML v2 beta2 or later required


- Date, time, music, weather, news.

- Custom colors, blur, corner radius, news source (rss feed).

- Enable/Disable panels.

- Tap the panel title (head) to expand/collapse

Side Notes

- Better as Foreground Mode. (Display Widgets below Icons recommended from Xen HTML settings )

- Foreground mode sometimes does not apply settings the first time, please check twice for changes.

- If you exprecience some unresponsive buttons after unlock your device, this is a Xen HTML feature to prevent battery drain and not an issue from the widget.

If you have any issue or request just hit me on Twitter :)

Refund Policy

Refund available if widget has critical issues that can not be solved.


- Fixed Calendar again (this time for real 2...)


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