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Enjoy this minimal full screen widget :)


- Predefined and custom color options.

- Displays weather, time, battery, date and music.

- Tap the bottom button to slide and show controls/buttons (Works best with DockRemover).

- Hide panels for a cleaner/minimal look.

-Flip to left/right panels position.

XenHTML Settings Options

- Background Image

Paste any image to var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/Home/img using Filza and use this option. Use full image name plus extension.

- Background URL

Use an external image as background, just copy the direct link URL and paste it here.

Note: leave empty to use local images.

- General Top Layer Alpha

It is used as a cover for your image to match the general theme. Set it to 0 to remove the effect over the background image.

- Custom Color Options

Known issues

Sometimes album artwork does not update (it is a system/XenHTML issue not updating the path directory, not related with the widget itself).

If you want an specific feature, found and issue or bug just hit me on Twitter :)


.... updating...

.... adding new features....

.... updating description with detailed information....

.... phew this was a big one....

.... updated...


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