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Fusion - 1.0.1

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Minimal and clean look to reduce your phone addiction.


- Date, time, weather, music, shortcuts widget.

- Full screen interactive.

- Widget menu to show/hide elements. (tap anywhere on the background to open it)

- Custom widget shortcuts. (editable from the widget settings in XenHTML)(social shortcut is Facebook by default)

- Custom colors/options.

- Use with iOS dock option.

Recommended tweaks:

- MiscSettings (Hide elements)

- DockRemover

- Vesta (Hide Apps and App Drawer also you can get Bundle ID)


HomeList (App Drawer with list view), HideYourApps

- 3DBundleID (get Bundle ID needed to edit shortcuts)

If you have any issue just hit me on Twitter :)

Refund Policy

Refund available if widget has critical issues that can not be solved.


... updating...

... added custom greeting message...

... added custom shortcuts position...

... updated...


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